Squirrel Pest Control for Birmingham and Surrounding Areas

Grey squirrel

Grey squirrels are common home pests as they can get into loft spaces and attics and cause damage. They can gnaw through electrical wiring causing damage to your home.

The noise made at night by squirrels in lofts can be unbearable for people, as it prevents them from sleeping.

You may find it difficult to deal with the problem yourself as restricted access or the structure of many homes makes it difficult to access the source of the problem. Also placing squirrel poison (Warfarin) around the home when untrained to do so is not advisable due to the risk to children and other animals. Using such products may also feel inhumane for many people.

AMES Group offers a professional squirrel control service in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Pest control fleet

Hiring scaffolding or other high-level access equipment to try to reach gaps between brickwork and beams is not for the faint-hearted and can be false economy.

Various squirrel repellents and deterrents are available including water deterrents for gardens and ultrasonic squirrel repellers. However, permanent squirrel removal normally requires the services of a professional pest control company.

AMES expert pest controllers can deal with the problem quickly, effectively and at a competitive price, even if the squirrel problem exists in a difficult to reach space.

Traps can be used efficiently to remove the pest from your home.

Squirrel Proofing

Removing the pest from your home only resolves the problem temporarily. AMES pest controllers are able to advise you on any work which would need to be carried out in order to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Our objective is to maintain pest free conditions wherever possible.

AMES is also able to offer a range of agricultural pest control solutions. If you are land or estate owners, woodland owners, farmers or golf course managers experiencing problems with squirrels or other pests then please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, or email us using our enquiry form which can be found on our ‘Contact Us’ Page.

In many areas council pest control will not cover squirrel problems and so using a private professional company is recommended. To discuss your specific problems involving squirrels or any other type of pest control please call us on 0121 443 1111 . We are able to offer a squirrel removal service anywhere within a 70-mile radius of Birmingham. Commercial work and integrated pest control site management is offered across the UK.

Impact on Woodland Environment

The effective and humane control of grey squirrels is required primarily due to the threat they pose to the sustainability of woodland management.

Concern over the impact of the grey squirrel on the red squirrel population and on traditional British broad-leaved woodland has even led the Forestry Commission to explore the immuno-contraception methods being tested overseas, as a means of non-lethal population control of the grey squirrel population. In this respect, the grey squirrel has come to be classified by some as vermin.

Bark damage to the British woodland is one of the main causes for concern. Grey squirrels bark stripping can decay or occasionally cause the death of trees grown for timber or for woodland expansion.

Projects to regenerate ancient semi-natural woodland can also be threatened. Both competition for survival and the squirrel pox virus also threaten the declining red squirrel population.

Grey squirrels may also pose a threat to the nests of declining species of woodland birds, and the damage they cause to woodland can affect certain species of woodland birds’ natural habitat. Access to woodland for the public is encouraged and damage to tree crowns caused by grey squirrels can make woodland areas more hazardous.

AMES offers squirrel control services across the UK.


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