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As part of our general pest control service we deal with specific insects. Insects as pests are extremely common and can range from tiny bedbugs to enormous cockroaches.  Just because an insect is tiny it doesn’t mean it can’t cause tremendous damage, not only to property but also to your health. If you have any problems at all with insects then contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

Common Insects We Deal With:


Cockroaches spark fear and disgust even into the most hardened of us. Cockroaches can be a real pest and if you find an infestation we would advise you contact a professional. There are products you can use to deal with cockroaches yourself, but there may be underlying problems that only an experienced pest control expert can find. For more information visit our cockroach removal page, or contact us today.


Fleas are a horrendous pest and can inflict irritating bites. Fleas are most common in properties where animals such as pets are kept, but you may find a flea infestation in a property you’ve just purchased. It is highly recommended you hire an expert to handle your flea infestation as they can be tricky to completely eradicate without the necessary tools, products and experience. Visit our flea control page for more info or feel free to call or email us.


Bedbugs can be one of the worst pests and can go unnoticed until you notice a nasty rash or bite marks on your body. Some severe cases of bedbugs can mean complete fumigation of your property, but it’s important you get an expert round to assess the extent of the problem. Here at AMES we offer bedbug prevention training as well as advice on different treatments.

Wasps and Bees

During the months between spring and autumn wasps and bees nest can prove a serious hazard. If you find a wasp or bees nest anywhere on your property you should contact an experienced pest control company immediately to ensure it is disposed of quickly and safely. If you have any problems with wasps or bees, and specifically with nests then feel free to contact us today for advice and a free, no obligation quote.


Flies can be a terrible problem especially in commercial areas. AMES Group have experienced pest control technicians who are able to advise you on systems which will help get rid of flies. For more information visit our fly removal page or call us for details.


Ants can be a problem especially in the summer months. Sometimes domestic ant control products aren’t enough to completely fix the problem so you need an experienced pest control expert to offer the best advice and solutions. Visit out ant control page for more details or call us for a free quote.


Most people think ladybirds are harmless, but Harlequin ladybirds are actually the most invasive ladybirds on earth. Here at Ames Group we understand the species and know how to get rid of them.

Our expert pest control technicians can advise you on how to stop your home or business premises from being an ideal place for Harlequin Ladybirds to hibernate. Visit our ladybird control page or call us for more details.

If you have any issues with insects at all remember that Ames Group are a pest control company with almost 30 years experience. We have trained staff, fast response times and competitive rates, so feel free to call us for a free no obligation quote today.


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