Flea Control: Solving Flea Infestation Problems

AMES provides an effective flea control service for businesses and households within a 100-mile radius of our Birmingham Head Office.

Does my Home or Business have a Flea Problem?

Fleas are a frequent problem in the home, particularly where cats and dogs are present. People may also encounter a flea infestation when moving into a house where pets previously lived. Common signs are the experience of bites, often on the lower leg. Fleas are a nuisance to animals and humans, and also cause medical problems such as flea allergy, tapeworms, skin irritations and in some extreme cases anaemia. Adult fleas cannot survive or lay eggs without a blood meal, but may live from two months to one year without feeding. This makes effective flea extermination essential.
How to get rid of fleas in your house

AMES pest control technicians are able to treat all rooms or premises affected, removing the house flea problem within a matter of days.

If your pet has had a flea problem then we can advise on how to coordinate the flea extermination in your home, with vet flea treatment. Our experienced pest controllers are familiar with common places which can have flea problems and infestations, including carpets and floor areas, under beds, on cupboard floors and under furniture.

We can also advise on preventative measures regarding your home and garden, pet bedding etc.
Business Premises – Flea Problems & Treatments

As a professional pest control operator AMES technicians have the training, experience, equipment and most effective insecticides for flea control.

In many cases if there is a flea problem in the workplace it is often due to somebody with cats or dogs at home bringing the problem into the workplace. For this reason, AMES are able to offer preferential rates to your staff who own pets, whose homes can be treated in conjunction with your business premises.

As fleas will often only feed on humans when the host animal is not present, the person bringing the fleas or eggs into the workplace may not be aware of the problem at home. AMES team are trained to deal with such issues discreetly, quickly, sensitively and professionally..

Unbranded vehicles can be provided when visiting your site. This treatment will need to be combined with pet animals being treated appropriately.
Flea Traps & Flea Sprays

If you wish to kill fleas in your house and are looking for a suitable product please call us for free advice. We are able to supply a range of sprays.

If you are online searching for flea control products or flea traps more information is available on our pest control products page.