Commercial Pest Control

AMES provide commercial pest control solutions for all species associated with problems including ants, wasps, mice, rats, birds, crawling and flying insects.

Our client portfolio extends to commercial properties and organisations within the public and private sector, including offices, manufacturing sites, commercial kitchens and hotels. We can also undertake school, college and hospital pest control.

We also provide these services to councils, housing associations and commercial property management companies.

We understanding the sensitivity of pest control applications in a commercial environment.

Cost Effective & Compliant

AMES can design a cost effective pest management program that will exceed your expectations and industry regulations such as HACCP and AQIS.

Pest infestations can not only cause health problems to your employees and clients but also can cause huge economic loss through damaged or soiled stock and equipment.

Integrated Pest Management

We can visit your premises or one of your managed properties throughout the Midlands region and surrounding counties to carry out a ‘one-off’ pest control task.

Alternatively, you may wish to pre arrange a contract to protect you from further infestations. These can be carried out either 4, 6 or 8 times per year.

If an initial assessment of your premises suggests you will benefit from a completely tailor-made program then we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Our bird proofing service is available at sites throughout the UK. Specialist work and products can be supplied throughout Europe on request.

Corporate Social Responsibility

AMES takes a responsible attitude towards corporate social responsibility. We strive to minimise the environmental impact of our work within pest services.

These guidelines cover humane pest control, health and safety, client relations policy and environmental pest control methods.

Everyone within our organisation is trained and committed to ensuring these guidelines are put into practice on a consistent, daily basis.

We work closely with our public sector and private sector clients to ensure our work aligns with their aims and expectations with regard to this.

Our carefully selected range of products, along with our application methods and procedures are designed to cause no adverse health effects. Our commercial pest control services have been developed to have maximum impact on the target pest species and minimal impact on you, the environment and your business or public sector operations.

AMES Guarantee

We guarantee to maintain your premises free of the pests specified in your contractual agreement. We have an on-call emergency response pest control service operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This reassures you that as a commercial pest control client you can be confident that emergencies will be dealt with in a timely fashion, allowing you to continue business as usual. We guarantee to attend all pest control emergencies within 24 hours.


To arrange a quotation or for additional information please call us on 0121 443 1111 or contact us here.