Pest Control in Bromsgrove

AMES Group are a pest control company based in Birmingham and we cover a 100 mile radius around Birmingham including Bromsgrove.

If you have a problem with pests and are based in and around Bromsgrove then call us today and our team will give you the best advice on how to solve your problem swiftly and efficiently.

Some of the pests we specialise in removing include:

  • Rats
  • Wasp and Bees nests
  • Bedbugs
  • Fleas
  • Cockroaches
  • Pigeons and seagulls
  • Ants
  • Flies
  • Mice

These are just a few of the pests we are experts in dealing with, but if you have any problems at all feel free to give us a call and we’ll give you the best advice possible.

A Bit About Bromsgrove and our Pest Control Service

Known for its traditional market town character and beautiful rolling countryside. However, despite Bromgrove’s appealing look and exquisite landscape, pests are never too far away in these areas of lush shrubbery.

Our dedicated team of experts are always on hand to deliver expert advice and ever-efficient service within the Bromsgrove area.

Our Pest Control Service in Bromsgrove

Like anywhere, rats and mice are opportunistic creatures that can reside anywhere. Bromsgrove is a place rodents would love, and despite having a good reputation for being rodent-free (to an extent) it’s very important that is stays that way!

Rodents are omnivorous, so they’ll essentially eat anything that can get their paws on. It’s important to make sure you aren’t contributing to their food source through littering, wasting food and generally being untidy/living in an unkempt property.

We promise to deliver:

  • Fast and effective service – targeting the root of the pest problem and ensuring they do not return
  • Certified staff – all of our staff are trained to the highest standard and are able to deal with any circumstance
  • Advice on further prevention – informing our customers on the best course of action to prevent pests from returning

If you’ve seen or experienced any problems with rodents, don’t hesitate to contact us here, or if you’d like to tackle the problem yourself, have a look at our guide to rats here.

Our pest control team in Bromsgrove maintain memberships to several professional associations as well as being recognised and accredited by leading trade organisations.

Bromsgrove have many events that take place throughout the year. From the bustling town’s parks, to the green open spaces including the Town Centre with its memorable and beautiful long high street which hosts the very popular outdoor market. Bromsgrove’s active community promotes a vibrant music scene within the city and with other areas of interest such as a cinema, arts, music and comedy centres.

Finishing off with a fantastic selection of restaurants, bars, pubs and food outlets, Bromsgrove truly is a fantastic area for AMES to work.

Our Costs

Here at AMES, we fully understand the stresses and grievances that come with living in and around these pests. Our team(s) are fully prepared for any pest obstacle that may stand in your way, this is why we approach every eradication method differently depending on the customer and situation.

Our costs depend on the pest(s) in question and the customer’s specific requirements and eradication desires. In short, if you’d like a quote, feel free to ring one of our friendly team-members, they’ll be happy to discuss payment and the best course of action to rid your property of pests.

Common Pests in Bromsgrove

Due to the area of Bromsgrove being on the rural side, rodents will naturally be in abundance. Fields, gardens, parks and grasslands in general are home to many common rodents. Here is a quick look at what you can expect to find within Bromsgrove:


The most common of which is the brown rat. Being present since the 18th century, it’s very unlikely that rats will ever leave our cities, as our food wastage and littering keeps them alive and breeding. Not only that, but they transport diseases, very easily. Having been proven to carry salmonella, listeria and other microorganisms responsible for diseases, it’s no surprise people who have rat infestations want them gone immediately.


Like rats, mice are in abundance in rural and urban areas. Just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there! Mice usually make their homes in fields, wooded areas and anywhere that’s warm, so, your house! Some common indications that you have a mouse infestation can come in forms such as:

  • Sounds
  • Burrows/tunnels
  • Chewing/gnawing
  • Sightings
  • Footprints


It’s a fact that no one likes wasps, despite their help to our plant life and environment. Whilst not as harmful as rats can be, wasps do pose a threat if they themselves are threatened. A wasps nest can be very difficult to dispose of, and very dangerous if the right precautions are not taken. Have a look at my essential wasp guide for further information on their lifestyle.


Bedbugs, unfortunately, habit any bed, anywhere. Dr James Logan is continuously trying to figure out how to combat the growing bed bug problem. They have piercing mouth-parts, almost like a needle! Fortunately, their bite doesn’t hurt, in fact, you won’t even feel it. This does mean however, that they can be hard to detect, don’t hesitate to contact AMES if you feel that you may have a bed bug problem. Better safe than sorry!

For any other information, do not hesitate to give us a call, our friendly team are happy to help!