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Ames Group offer a complete ant control services to customers throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. If untreated ants nests can remain for several years and can house hundreds or over a thousand worker ants in each nest. You may be particularly alarmed in the summer months when the site of up to several thousand flying ants becoming airborne at once can cause distress, as the winged queen ant seeks out a new nest.

If you are concerned about the presence of ants then please contact AMES for no obligation information on how we can treat the problem discreetly and effectively, whether you are a home owner or business. We are able to carry out pest control on ants within a 70 mile radius of Birmingham, including Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicester, Peterborough, Coventry, Stoke, Stafford, Worcestershire, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Warwickshire and Oxford.

These ants infestations naturally worry you, your family or business customers as they cause concerns over hygiene and an unpleasant environment to live or work in. Some ants, such as red ants can deliver a painful sting through injecting formic acid.

If you see small ants in large numbers which are yellow – light brown and almost translucent in appearance then you may have a problem with Pharoah ants. They can colonise in large numbers, often appear near water in buildings, such as in bathrooms, washrooms, kitchens etc and they tend to colonise indoors in colder climates such as the UK. This news item on pharoah ants will make for useful reading.

Getting Rid of Ants

Customers asking ‘how to get rid of ants’’ may not be surprised to learn that is one of the most common questions we are asked, particularly in the summer months.

To help prevent ants travelling into the home to search for food, or living within the home or business premises, cracks and crevices which allow passage into the building should be eliminated. AMES are able to carry out onsite inspection and offer practical advice on sealing entry points into your building. Of course we can also arrange for this work to be carried out for you together with the extermination of the ant problem.

As ants live in colonies it is common to feel your home or business premises are becoming over-run by them. This is particularly true in the spring and summer when worker ants are foraging for food. Worker ants finding food in your kitchen or workplace will communicate this to other ants through depositing a trail pheromone, which sticks to floors and walls. Many other ants from the colony will then follow this invisible trail.

Effective Ant Control

Our pest control technicians can use bait treatments and insecticides to control ant infestations. Using our experience we are able to correctly place these so the ants are more likely to eat them and take the treatment back to the nest. Bait must be used which does not kill ants before they have been able to get back to the nest. Therefore purchasing certain home use insecticides may not be beneficial in terms of the successful extermination of the nest. Our technicians can also remove the trail of pheromone from entry points to prevent repeated access by ants. Flying ants and other species can be controlled using our specialist techniques.

Ants Nesting inside your Home or Business Premises

When ants (Pharoah ants etc) have actually created a nest inside your building it is necessary for our pest controllers to locate and destroy the nest completely. This is the only wholly effective form of ant control. Spraying insecticides therefore killing ants that are visibly foraging will not eradicate the problem and the colony could be rebuilt to its original size quite quickly. Treatment can involve locating nests in difficult to reach places such as within walls. Ant extermination often involves the use of a modern biodegradable insecticide which does not stain, corrode or taint your premises. In some cases, injecting insecticide into wall voids or the nest itself may be necessary to ensure complete ant control.

Ant Killer & Ant Sprays

Those searching for ant control products in order to carry out their own treatments can call our retail office so we can advise you of the best products to use for your particular circumstances. Although effective ant extermination and nest location can require expert intervention, in some circumstances you may be able to use products yourself.

Ant infestations are not easy to control and different strategies should be used depending on nest location and food preferences of the ants. Professional identification of ant species, efficient location of ant nests and the correct use of insecticide are all required. These factors, combined with our knowledge of preventative measures and careful consideration of the environment, make using AMES a quick and effective way to control ant infestations.


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