Water Sampling & Water Quality Testing

Are you worried about the quality of your water? If you are legally required to test your water systems, we can help you. Compliance with ACoP L8 or the Drinking Water Regulations is easy when you use our expertise. With great service and a quick turn around, let AMES Legionella Control help you keep on top of your water quality concerns.

We can arrange for samples to be taken by our trained staff and analysed in our laboratory. AMES also offer full certification and an explanation of all samples taken.

We offer water sampling to test for Legionella bacteria or Potable water quality (drinking water). If other health problems such as infections are believed to have arisen from pond or pool water, a ‘Pseudomonas’ sample can be taken.

Water Sampling Tailored For Your Needs

We can arrange to carry out scheduled water sampling, or just a one-off sampling or quality test for piece of mind.  Our team are more than happy to advise you regarding your exact sampling requirements.

Process water used in numerous manufacturing systems can also be tested..  COD and BOD water quality testing can also be provided.


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