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Businesses and owners of commercial properties in Sheffield looking for Legionella risk assessment can opt for a fully comprehensive service from AMES Group.

Our Legionella risk assessments in Sheffield ensure your property is compliant with the most recent health and safety guidelines enforced by HSE and ACOP L8. Our risk assessments are designed to identify any threat of Legionella bacteria in your water systems and provide immediate solutions to ensure the safety of your staff. 

AMES Group Legionella risk assessments in Sheffield are designed to be minimally invasive to ensure minimal disruption to your work life. All assessments are COVID-friendly, ensuring we keep our social distance at all times and all technicians wear masks throughout your assessment. 

Avoiding a Legionella outbreak is critical, and if your water systems are not compliant, you may be held responsible for the health and safety of your staff. 

We work with all kinds of businesses in Sheffield to help make sure they are ACOP L8 compliant, contact us today.

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    Preparing for your Legionella risk assessment in Sheffield

    There are some preparation steps you should take before our risk assessors arrive at your property. If you have previously had a risk assessment and you have the paperwork/records available this should speed up the testing and monitoring process.

    Alternatively, if you do not have records of past tests, but you know where your water systems are, this will again help speed up the process. If you have never had a test and do not know where your systems are, this won’t be a problem, as our team will be able to identify all water systems in your building.

    The Legionella risk assessment process

    The test itself is designed to detect the presence of Legionella bacteria and enact control measures to ensure water systems are at the correct temperatures to avoid bacteria growth.

    You will receive a report after the assessment has been completed, which will include:

    • An executive summary of our findings
    • CAD is drawn schematic
    • Photo evidence of any bacteria or issues within your systems
    • A monitoring programme to ensure future compliance
    • Advice from our team on how to monitor and assess your water systems

    Water sampling

    We will take a water sample for you water tank systems and have them analysed at a UKAS accredited lab. Your results usually come in 2 – 3 weeks. We will then forward your results onto you.

    Legionella monitoring

    This involves the design of the control scheme and completing all water monitoring tasks in-line with ACOP L8 guidelines.

    Proof of assessment and records

    By having records of your Legionella risk assessment, you will be able to refer to them in the event of an inspection or if you need to refer to past assessment information.


    Do I need a Legionella risk assessment?

    All businesses and commercial properties in Sheffield should undergo a Legionella risk assessment once every two years (approximately) to ensure their systems are risk-free. If your property runs any of the following, and they have never been tested, you may require a Legionella risk assessment:

    – A cooling tower
    – Incorporating an evaporative condenser
    – Hot and cold water systems

    Other reasons you may require a risk assessment may include:

    – If you have moved into a new building and are unfamiliar with the water systems/you’re not sure if they have been tested
    – The building you have moved into has not been operational for some time
    – You are repurposing your building for new business use (a hairdressers converting into a dentistry clinic, for example)
    – Previous or current checks that suggest risk assessment action is required 

    More information on compliance can be found on the ACOP L8 document.

    How long will a risk assessment take?

    AMES Group Legionella risk assessments in Sheffield take approximately 2 – 4 hours depending on the size of the building and the number of systems in place. However, test results can take up to four weeks to return.

    What can I expect to receive in my risk assessment?

    We strongly suggest that businesses in Nottingham invest in Legionella Your Legionella risk assessment will include all, if not some of the following:

    – We will test your hold and cold water systems
    – Surveying your water tanks and checking the temperatures 
    – Flow testing
    – Aerosol hazard tests 
    – Helpful advice on how to manage and maintain your water systems

    What if my systems aren’t compliant?

    If your systems do not meet the required demands to control the risk of Legionella, you will be putting the health and safety of your occupants at risk. The worst-case scenario is the water becoming contaminated, people consume it and contract Legionnaires’ disease, which can be fatal for some If your systems are found to be dangerous or non-compliant, you could be putting your tenants and/or staff at a huge health and safety risk. Legionnaires disease can be contracted if Legionella bacteria are found in your systems and the water is distributed through the building and consumed by the tenants.

    In some cases, this can be fatal, especially if consumed by those in their 60 or above and those who suffer from compromised immune systems. As a landlord of a domestic or residential property, it is your duty to assess the risk from exposure to Legionella to ensure the safety of your occupants. However, this does not require an in-depth, detailed assessment.