UKAS accredited Legionella risk assessments in Nottingham

Our Legionella assessors provide fully comprehensive Legioneal risk assessments for customers across Nottingham. Our service is designed to be swift and non-invasive to ensure minimal disruption to your workplace. 

Booking your risk assessment is simple and will ensure you are compliant with both HSE’s and ACOP L8 health and safety guidelines. We offer an independent service you can trust backed by the Legionella Control Association.

Your risk assessment in Nottingham will include:

  • Legionella risk assessment
  • Monitoring of water systems
  • Water sampling
  • Proof of recordings for future assessments
  • Essential advice to ensure your systems remain compliant

As per the regulations and guidelines set by the government, all Legionella risk assessments in Nottingham are conducted in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines. Legionella risk assessments are now more important than ever to ensure all workplaces are Legionella-free from the threat of any airborne diseases.

We work with all kinds of businesses in Nottingham to help make sure they are ACOP L8 compliant, contact us today.

Book your Legionella risk assessment in Nottingham today

Booking is fast and simple, you can either complete the contact form below or call us using the number at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can learn more about how our Legionella risk assessments in Nottingham are carried out below.


    What happens in your Legionella risk assessment

    We recommend all commercial properties in Nottingham have a risk assessment conducted at least once every two years (or if changes to systems have been made, more about this below). 

    If your building uses a cooling tower, an evaporative condenser or hot and cold water systems, they can conduct an assessment. The process involves identifying all water systems in your property and then testing the water for the presence of Legionella bacteria in water systems. 

    This typically includes:

    • Checks to identify whether the water falls within Legionella bacteria temperatures
    • Identifying systems that create a respirable aerosol (showers, hot tubs etc)
    • People at risk of contracting and suffering from Legionnaires’ disease

    Testing your water

    Testing your water is an essential part of the assessment. If your water systems sit at temperatures that may promote the growth of bacteria, you are placing your tenants and/or staff at risk. 

    Our risk assessor will test water systems around your property, which involves:

    • Identifying your hot water sentinel outlet – this is a water outlet that’s responsible for controlling the water temperature to ensure the risk of Legionella can be controlled. 
    • Using a thermometer to test the water (usually for one minute)
    • Ensuring that reading records 50-degrees Celsius within one minute

    Once we have recorded your water systems, a sample will be sent to a UKAS accredited lab for analysis and testing. We will send you your results within a few weeks.

    If your systems fail to record appropriate readings to control Legionella, our teams will carry out the appropriate services (this may include descaling, disinfecting and cleaning your water systems). We will also provide advice and monitoring protocols to ensure your systems remain at the appropriate temperatures to control the threat of Legionella.


    How much does a risk assessment cost?

    Your Legionella risk assessment cost will depend on a few factors, including the size of the building, the number of water tanks in and around the property and the type of water systems you’re running.

    How can I tell if I need a Legionella risk assessment in Nottingham?

    You will need a Legionella risk assessment if:

    – You have not had a Legionella risk assessment before
    – You cannot remember the last time you had an assessment
    – You have recently moved into a new property and risk assessment documentation is incomplete or can’t be found
    – The building is being repurposed (hotel being transformed into a care home etc)
    – Checks that suggest your systems may not be able to control the risk of Legionella
    – New tanks have been installed or are being replaced
    – Previous information on the report suggests the presence of Legionella bacteria

    How often should I have a Legionella risk assessment?

    We strongly suggest that businesses in Nottingham invest in Legionella testing at least once every two years. Not only is this important for peace of mind, but to ensure that your systems adhere to safety guidelines implemented by HSE.

    More information on compliance can be found on the ACOP L8 document.

    What if my systems aren’t compliant?

    If your systems do not meet the required demands to control the risk of Legionella, you will be putting the health and safety of your occupants at risk. The worst-case scenario is the water becoming contaminated, people consume it and contract Legionnaires’ disease, which can be fatal for some people. 

    Neglecting a Legionella risk assessment has potentially fatal consequences. Those over the age of 60, smokers or generally suffer from compromised immune systems are most at risk.