Comprehensive landlord legionella risk assessments with AMES Group

AMES Group provides businesses and landlords with fully comprehensive Legionella risk assessments, as Legionella training courses. Our Legionella risk assessments swiftly identify whether Legionella bacteria is present in man-made water systems to ensure your staff, residents and visitors’ health and safety is not at risk. Our risk assessments are designed to be minimally-invasive, allowing you and your business to continue to operate normally.

Legionella risk assessments provide landlords with peace of mind and certified proof that their properties are risk-free regarding the threat of Legionella bacteria and Legionnaires’ disease. 

However, it is important to prepare for your assessment, by having all the relevant information to hand to ensure the assessment can be carried out efficiently. We’ll explain this in detail below.

If you know your water tanks and systems are due for a Legionella assessment, call AMES Group today to book your assessment. For more information on what a landlord Legionella risk assessment involves, continue reading.

Your legal responsibilities as a Landlord

As a landlord, you do have legal requirements and responsibilities regarding the safety and welfare of your tenants, staff and site visitors. These legal requirements are all covered in HSE’s L8 Code of Practice document, as well as our article on Legionella testing.

Simply put, as a landlord of a domestic or residential property, it is your duty to assess the risk from exposure to Legionella to ensure the safety of your occupants. However, this does not require an in-depth, detailed assessment

Additionally, landlords may assume that appropriate certification is required to prove the property has been tested for Legionella bacteria, again, this is not the case.

It goes onto state that although it is a legal duty for landlords to assess and control the risk of exposure to Legionella, the Health and Safety law “does not require landlords to produce or obtain, nor does HSE recognise, a ‘Legionnaires testing certificate”.

What your Legionella risk assessment involves

AMES Group’s risk assessments involve a thorough, documented overview of your property’s water networks to ensure temperatures are at stable limits and no signs of Legionella bacteria are present. 

Parts of your assessment may also include:

  • Testing of hot and cold water systems 
  • Water tank surveys
  • Stagnation and water flow tests
  • Identifying any hazards aerosol threats
  • The option to have our team train you on how to conduct your own risk Legionella risk assessment

Once our surveyor has arrived at your property, they will collect water samples for certain areas around your property to have them tested at a UKAS-accredited testing station. Here, your water samples will be analysed to detect any traces of Legionella bacteria. Our team should receive your lab results between 2 – 3 weeks after inspecting your property. We will then report back to you with your results. 

Landlords conducting their own Legionella risk assessments 

Most landlords are perfectly capable of undertaking the risk assessment themselves, providing their techniques are compliant with both the British Standards Guidance as well as the UK and European legislation. 

If you are looking to undertake your own Legionella risk assessment, our team can provide helpful advice to ensure you are carrying-out safe and HSE-backed risk assessments for your property.

For more information, please contact our team.

Failure to comply with HSE and ACOP L8 guidelines

There are a number of severe consequences if you do not comply with the safety laws, rules and regulations enacted by HSE. Of course, the most major risk is the risk of persons within your property contracting Legionnaires’ disease, which can be fatal, especially to adults over 60 and those who suffer from weakened immune systems. 

If a person dies as a result of improper health and safety systems relating to Legionella control, you may be held responsible, especially if health and safety laws surrounding Legionella control were not adhered to. You may be subject to massive fines and even lawsuits should the affected persons choose to sue.

How much does a risk assessment cost?

All risk assessment costs vary depending on a few factors, including the size of your commercial property and the type and size of your water system.

Contact our team for an immediate quote on your risk assessment.

Peace of mind and HSE compliance is assured with AMES Group

One of the main reasons landlords opt for professional risk assessors to survey their property comes down to a lack of time, resources and general knowledge about Legionella. Our landlord Legionella risk assessments provide peace of mind, guarantee exceptional control measures are in place, as well as assurance over the health and safety of your property. 

Our service is designed to be fast, effective and ultimately minimise disruption to your workplace and daily living. For more information about what’s involved in our landlord risk assessments and what you can do to prepare, please contact our team today. 

Alternatively, you can book your landlord Legionella risk assessment today.