Chlorine Dioxide Treatment

Chlorine dioxide is a chemical which is extremely effective as both a disinfectant and as an oxidant in water treatment. It does not react with organic materials or with most treatment chemicals (corrosion and scale inhibitors) present in cooling water systems.

The disinfectant properties of this chemical are the reason it is used in many different roles and systems. Chlorine Dioxide has been approved by the drinking water inspectorate for use in drinking water applications. It is also used within cooling water process systems.

This treatment has the unique ability to penetrate bio-film, and quickly kills bacteria from the outside in. Proper dosing ensures that no bacteria (including legionella) can survive in the treated water system.

Chlorine Dioxide Generators

AMES Water Treatment supply and maintain a large number of chlorine dioxide generating units to hospitals, food processing plants, office blocks and other industries throughout the UK.

Our experienced representatives can advise on the optimal system suitable for your particular application along with an effective on going management and monitoring regime.

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