Professional Tips on How to Check for Bed Bugs

Whether you have just moved into a new apartment or are regularly travelling in hotel rooms, you will definitely want to check for bed bugs. If you have bed bugs in your mattress or furniture you may get bitten, which can cause irritating bites. Bed bug bites can also cause further health issues, such as allergic reactions and secondary infections.

Common signs of bed bugs include the following:

  • Bed bug bites, particularly on exposed skin – such as the face, neck and arms.
  • Blood on bedding or furniture, small spots from bites or accidentally squashing a bed bug may be visible in some cases.
  • Brown spots, usually on furniture or the surface of a mattress – this is bed bug faeces.

We can offer you some helpful tips on how to check for bed bugs, thanks to our experience in pest control. These tips will help you to spot the signs of bed bugs in a hotel room, a new apartment or when you buy used furniture. 

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How to Check for Bed Bugs

Whether you are checking into a hotel room or think that something is not quite right at home, there are many simple things you can do to thoroughly check for bed bugs. You might not even realise that you have bed bugs, as many hiding spots can be difficult to find.

When you are inspecting the room or piece of furniture you can make use of the following tips to determine whether you have a bed bug problem:

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  • Look up close: Sometimes upholstered furniture and mattresses do not look like they have an issue, especially when there is a dark colour to the furniture for bed bugs to find camouflage. You should examine the area you are checking up close and in bright light, you can also use a magnifying glass.
  • Examine all areas: While bed bugs might be easy to spot on a plain white sheet they can thrive in areas you might not expect. Luggage racks and bed frames are common places for bed bugs to live, so make sure you check all areas where there is any kind of fabric present. 
  • Analyze furniture: You might not spot bed bugs on a sofa or chair at first glance. You can check for bed bugs more thoroughly by removing cushions from any furniture or flipping pillows on a mattress. Try and dissect the components of furniture, as bed bugs can thrive in little nooks and crannies.

If you are travelling regularly and using hotel rooms you might return home with bed bug bites, and the bed bugs can get into your clothes, suitcases or other areas. Buying second-hand furniture means that you can inadvertently introduce bed bugs at home. As a result, it is very important to check for bed bugs.

What to Do About Bed Bugs

A bed bug crawling on a sheet

Finding bed bugs is an alarming and distressing situation, as it is a very real threat to your health and wellbeing. If you check rooms or furniture and find any signs of bed bugs you need to take immediate action.

The following are some tips to use in common situations:

  • In a hotel room: Call downstairs to the concierge or lobby and explain that you have detected bed bugs, they will have a duty to help you change rooms. If you are staying in a short term house let, contact the owner immediately.
  • At home: If you have recently moved into a new apartment you can call the landlord, they will have to provide some assistance to kill bed bugs. When you buy a property, make sure to inspect it thoroughly before purchasing.
  • On furniture: The best and most reliable thing to do if you find bed bugs on furniture is to get rid of it. When buying second-hand furniture make sure to thoroughly assess it before you buy it, in most cases it is not worth saving.

You should take bed bugs seriously, as they are a huge problem, so a high level of vigilance is necessary. You can use home remedies, such as cleaning bedding, using bed bug spray and heat treatments – but on some occasions, you will need a professional solution.

Expert Advice on How to Check for Bed Bugs

There you have some reliable tips for successfully detecting bed bugs in various situations. You can make yourself safe from bed bug bites by incorporating these tips into your habits when you check into a hotel room or move into a new apartment.

Whether you are at home or travelling it is essential to check bed frames, mattresses, or used furniture for bed bugs. These tips will help you to detect bed bugs. For a professional solution in the Midlands of the UK, you can use our services. Feel free to get in touch.