War pigeons: an homage to war’s unsung heroes

War Pigeons: A Remarkable History Today, pigeons are kicked to the curb more often than not. They waddle around, annoyingly getting under our feet and inquisitively asking us for the leftovers from our lunch. However, despite society’s usually aggressive dismissal over them, pigeons once used to play a very important role on our planet. The … Continue reading “War pigeons: an homage to war’s unsung heroes”

The Seven Sickening Pests Found in Food

Every entomophobe’s worst nightmare is finding out that the one thing you hate the most can actually appear in something you love –  like cake! Pests in Food: A Genuine Problem? What gets into our food, how does it happen and is it safe! We are talking about the millions of people that unintentionally ingest insects … Continue reading “The Seven Sickening Pests Found in Food”

Japanese Fungus Spreading in UK Hospitals

Here at AMES Pest Control, we are passionate about keeping you up-to-date regarding all things pest related and Japanese Fungus is a pest, of sorts. More than 200 patients in England were reported to have been contaminated with the fungus and hospitals were on the lookout for further cases, putting control measures in place to avoid further spread. We thought … Continue reading “Japanese Fungus Spreading in UK Hospitals”

Ideas for Council Departments Companies Budgets

Where Should You Allocate Your Budget? With the environmental and ‘green’ services and products markets estimated to be worth billions, it is worth stopping and considering what is the best use of your budgets in this area. Some of the service information below may assist you in the wise allocation of your departmental spend. Most … Continue reading “Ideas for Council Departments Companies Budgets”