Mice In Walls

What to Do if There are Mice in Your Walls

Here at AMES Group, we take great pride in the decades of experience we have in the world of pest control, and we have dealt with a wide variety of pest problems during this time. This includes innumerable cases involving mice in walls, so we know exactly what to do when the rodents have made themselves comfortable in your space. This is even professional advice that we are willing to pass along when a customer needs our help.

We are traditionally a commercial pest control firm, but we will also carry out work on domestic properties if the problem is too large to be handled by non-professionals. We will always take your case into consideration, so contact us today if you suspect that you have a mouse problem somewhere in your property, but you need our expert help to clean them out.

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Signs you may have mice in your walls

As nocturnal creatures, you’re unlikely to openly see mice during the day unless you have quite a large infestation. Instead, they will keep to the spaces in cavity walls, vents, suspended ceilings and other hidden areas, only venturing out at night or when your property is quiet to look for food. 

If you suspect that mice live anywhere in your property, including in your walls, you will have to watch for a number of different signs to be certain:

  • Scratching sounds coming from walls, underneath floorboards, in attics, cellars or ceilings, especially at night
  • Chewed containers or boxes, or crumbs showing up in your cupboards
  • Droppings scattered randomly, inside cupboards, on kitchen countertops or along skirting boards
  • Buildups of urine combined with body grease, dirt and shed fur in piles (known as urine pillars)
  • Grease marks rubbed along skirting boards and walls, from where the mice have travelled
  • Tracks or footprints in dust or any other scattered substance, including flour or talcum powder
  • Nests or signs of nests, usually spotted by noticing buildups of shredded paper, cotton balls or other soft materials
  • A strong smell coming from any particular area where mice may hide

If you have a combination of any of these signs (especially a scratching sound), it is likely that you have a mouse or even multiple mice living somewhere in or around your property. 

After this, you should start to find methods of removing them (whether via a home remedy or contacting a professional) and seeing about getting rid of the things that are attracting them to your home.

What could be attracting mice into your walls?

A mouse problem in your walls could be caused by a variety of different things that attract rodents into any commercial building, or even a domestic space such as a house or apartment:

  • Food sources provided by leaving crumbs and small pieces of food around
  • Not properly cleaning plates or by leaving food in unsealed containers
  • Water sources provided by leaving out uncovered pet bowls. Mice can also obtain water from their food, so you may be giving them both food and water simply by not cleaning away crumbs!
  • Letting the rubbish pile in your kitchen bin pile up and overflow
  • General untidiness in your interior, which provides mice with places to hide
  • Cracks and other openings in cavity walls
  • Odours that have been left behind by previous infestations
  • The warmth and safety provided by your interior space (this reason becomes prominent during the UK’s autumn and winter months, when the temperature is naturally colder and mice will look for a safe place to nest)

How to get rid of mice in your walls for good

You may have a number of home remedies and solutions available to you if you would like to try and get rid of mice from your business, house or apartment’s walls yourself, without any help from professionals:

  • Sealing up all possible holes and cracks which could become entrances to cavity walls and other spaces in your home 
  • Cleaning up all possible food sources, not leaving behind any crumbs which mice might be attracted to
  • Storing all food you intend to eat properly, in sealed plastic or metal containers
  • Cleaning away all soft materials that a mouse could attempt to use as bedding (especially during the winter, when they will be looking for a warm place to make a nest)
  • Using a store-bought trap to catch the mice (these traps usually require bait to lure the mouse in)
  • Leaving out poison
  • Leaving cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, pepper or cloves in areas where you have had problems with mice. These are said to naturally repel mice
  • Using a small amount of ammonia as a mouse repellent in places where they may hide (please keep these out of reach of pets and children)
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When to contact the professionals

In some cases, an infestation may be too large or too severe for home remedies to have any affect. When this applies to your property, you will need to rely on a professional UK pest control firm to either trap, fumigate or otherwise remove the mice that live in your walls. This ensures that the work is carried out just as it should be, and will leave your property completely clear of any vermin that were present before.

Our professional services for mouse control

Here at AMES Group, we offer a myriad of services that are guaranteed to take care of any mice in your walls, whether you are looking to fumigate, bait or trap vermin found in your home or business. Everything we carry out will be meticulously planned beforehand, and offers the most humane levels of service. Once our work has been carried out, we can even offer you expert advice on what to do to keep your home rodent-free. 

Just imagine being able to live and work without the worry of knowing there are mice in the walls, sleeping at night without any scratching sound to wake you up or finding chewed holes in your cupboards that have a trail of crumbs leading from them. You will be able to relax completely, and return to your normal routine without any hassle, whether it’s summer and there is plenty of food around or winter and your property is the warmest place around.

Our services for UK mouse control include:

  • Finding signs of large scale problems
  • Identifying holes and other points where mice may enter your property
  • Offering professional advice on what to do to keep mice from returning once removed
  • Nest removal
  • Providing a full guide on the most useful tools and products for pest prevention

Our service will always naturally begin with a survey to determine the size and severity of your pest infestation, which should take between half an hour to an hour, and can always be scheduled at a time which suits you best. Once this assessment has been completed, our trained and qualified technician will be able to come up with the most effective solution for clearing out your property.

Our team member called to your property may even be able to start work on removing the mice from your walls right away, but this depends on the severity of your mouse problem.

The treatments that might be used to clear your property include:

  • Mouse repellents ‒ these include ultrasonic devices and poison, if necessary. We may even fumigate the affected area
  • Bait traps ‒ these will be used to lure in and trap the mice, before they are humanely captured and transported elsewhere for a safe relocation
  • Odour Control ‒ this removes any smell which may be left after you have had an infestation of mice. This also helps to prevent more mice from being attracted into your property again
  • Proofing and prevention ‒ our team members will be ready and waiting to discuss easy, cost-effective methods of keeping mice away from your property after the treatment has been carried out

We must also note that removing mice from your property will require more than one visit, because of the pest control process required, as well as legal obligations.

You may also rest assured that each control procedure we carry out for properties invaded by mice will see a treatment based on a bespoke plan, so your space will always receive exactly the pest control it needs. This plan will then be carried out by a dedicated technician who is BPCA-certified. This keeps our work industry standard, so you know you are receiving the highest quality care for your property.

Clear your vents and walls and bring back your peace of mind

Contact our team at AMES Group today and we can ensure that the vents and walls of your property are kept mouse-free, at a time which will be quicker than attempting to tackle the work yourself and at greater levels of efficiency than home remedies. Whether you have any kind of infestation in your commercial building, or your house or apartment is showing signs of a huge number of rodents, such as the persistent sound of scratching throughout or large amounts of droppings, we can be there as soon as possible to take care of the problem.

Any mice we find in your walls or vents will be removed quickly and humanely, with thorough care on our part to ensure that the job is carried out to the highest levels of quality. We’ll bring these services to your property wherever you are in the Midlands.