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Where Should You Allocate Your Budget?

With the environmental and ‘green’ services and products markets estimated to be worth billions, it is worth stopping and considering what is the best use of your budgets in this area.

Some of the service information below may assist you in the wise allocation of your departmental spend. Most of the services require relatively short lead times:

Graffiti Removal & Prevention:

Public environments can be greatly enhanced and encouraged with a graffiti removal program.

Costs can be greatly reduced in the future through the implementation of graffiti prevention coatings. These can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Graffiti prevention coatings make it a lot easier to keep your facilities graffiti-free.

For advice and information on graffiti removal services designed to meet with your department budget timeframes and schedules please call us on 0121 443 1111 .

Waste Clearance, Factory & Office Clearances:

Ensuring you have a safe, clean and clear environment for employees to function in, aids staff retention and improves efficiency.

Providing an uncluttered working environment ensures Health and Safety policies are not compromised due to awkward or hazardous working conditions.

Budgets can be put to good use by booking AMES factory, office or commercial property clearance and cleaning services.

More information is available by clicking these links on Factory Clearances, Office and Commercial Waste Collection and Commercial rubbish removal services.

Preventative Pest Control – Planning Ahead:

Preventing rodent, flea, bed bug and other pest problems can save large amounts of money in the long run.

Council departments and property management consultants can rest assured that budgets invested in AMES pest management and prevention programs will yield results, moving target sites as close as possible to a pest-free environment.

More information on AMES preventative pest control is available here.

Bird Control & Pigeon Control:

Birds including pigeons and seagulls can create a nuisance for commercial and public buildings, their inhabitants and visitors.

Bird droppings can be corrosive, fouled stairwells and similar areas can create health hazards.

Large bird populations can also be intimidating for those wishing to use your facilities.

Bird netting and bird spike installation is a sensible use of a facilities budget.

For more information on these services click here for general Bird Control, here for Bird Netting and Deterrents and here for Bird Spikes and Pigeon Control.

Deep Cleans and Washroom Cleaning:

Intensive deep cleans and washroom hygiene maintenance programs can be purchased to cater for all timeframes suitable for your department or council budget.

These services can be delivered now or over a pre-agreed schedule lasting weeks, months or over an annual contract.

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