How to Kill Pigeons Humanely in the UK

There are many solutions to a pigeon problem, one of which is finding a method of humanely killing them. Pigeons cause health problems and building damage so, understandably, you may be in a position where hiring a pest control company to kill the pigeons on your roof or any other area is a desirable option – and seem like your only choice.

Pigeons in the street

Lots of the time it is unnecessary to kill pigeons, humanely or otherwise, so it is quite possible to find a non-lethal solution. Pigeons are complicated creatures but have simple behaviours that it is possible to manipulate, so guiding them away from harm’s way can be a viable option. Other potential options include using ultrasonic sound devices, which emit an unpleasant beeping noise that only the birds can hear.

Pigeons cause legitimate problems, and sometimes these can be quite serious. For example, pigeon poop can have a dramatic effect on the health of both people and pets. If you are looking to kill the birds in the most humane way possible we will now discuss some methods. We are experts in a range of pest and bird control solutions, so get in touch with us for a solution bespoke to you.

What Are the Best Solutions for Killing Pigeons?

There are several ways of killing pigeons humanely. The main two methods are shooting and poisoning. Here we will discuss the benefits of each:

Shooting Pigeons

On some occasions, we will recommend a controlled pigeon shoot for effective results. We use professionally trained marksmen that have a proven level of reliability and accuracy. All marksmen operate with full safety training.

All of the methods we use are in keeping with the regulations for humanely shooting pigeons, according to the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act. We quickly and thoroughly collect the pigeons from the site after shooting.

An air rifle on a shooting range

Benefits of shooting pigeons include the following:

  • Quick and fast: Culling pigeons in this way is considered humane according to the regulations because it is a very quick process. The birds feel minimal pain and it also provides instant results.
  • Cheap and easy: The process of shooting pigeons is generally very fast. There is no need for marksmen to scale awkward structures where an infestation is taking place or elaborate equipment to set up.

There are some drawbacks of shooting pigeons, and it may not be possible in all cases. The main issue is that shooting is not permitted in certain areas. Areas of dense population are generally harder locations to shoot pigeons, meaning another option may be necessary.

Poisoning Pigeons

If you are looking to kill pigeons humanely and effectively then poison may be a suitable option for you. Poison works by giving the poison to the pigeons in certain target areas, such as a problem nesting or roof space.

Benefits of poisoning pigeons include the following:

  • Speed of onset: While you will never get as solid as a reaction as shooting, poisoning pigeons is still very quick. The pigeons ingest the poison and die after a short time frame, which may vary depending on the poison.
  • Suitable for many problems: Using poison is possible over both large and small areas, so it is a good option for most spaces. Once a pigeon problem stops or reduces you can remove the remaining poison.

Again, there are drawbacks to this method of killing pigeons. The risk of selecting a non-pest animal (or simply an animal presence you’re not targeting for control) is quite high. It is also possible for the poison not to work effectively, another drawback is the presence of dead and dying pigeons.

Trapping Pigeons

It is possible to trap pigeons for euthanasia or removal. Traps are a specialist form of pigeon control and require sophisticated traps and expert handling, but it is worth the effort. Our bird trapping services can disperse up to 70% of a pigeon population. 

Pigeon against urban roofscape

Benefits of bird trapping include:

  • Immediate Results: Trapping is very effective and will work well in situations where large populations of pigeons are present. The results will be immediately noticeable.
  • Highly targeted: You can select just the individual pigeons you want to target, which is a very handy benefit. Doing this can encourage less dominant species of birds to repopulate after removing the pigeons.

There are a few drawbacks to trapping, namely that they can become wary of the traps. It can also be problematic for areas with a high amount of people, and you have to use another humane form of euthanasia after trapping.

Humanely Killing Pigeons: Should You Do It?

If you are wondering how to kill pigeons then you might ask yourself if it is necessary to do so at all, and whether there might be a more effective method available. Our company can provide the most appropriate advice and offer you a cost-effective solution.

Bird spikes, bird netting and pigeon repellents such as reflective surfaces are all good ways to deter pigeons without harming them and may work well in your case.

We are one of the best pest control companies in the midlands and have many areas of expertise. As leaders in delivering a range of bird control solutions, including killing them when necessary, we can help provide the best option. Get in touch today.

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FAQs And Useful Information

The following are some common questions and useful information about killing pigeons and the services provide:

What is the Best Bird Poison?

The best pigeon poisons quickly and painlessly kill the pigeons, but it is difficult to recommend the best poison. The choice of poison will depend on the level of your pigeon problem, the area where you are trying to control the birds and the type of bird you are trying to control. You should always use a reliable provider and pest control company that has experience with using the best, most humane poisons possible.

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