Fleas Flea Bites and Treatments

Introducing the Flea Whilst not generally dangerous to humans, fleas do present serious problems elsewhere. Fleas are the number one cause of skin disease in pets and can cause problems ranging from simple itchiness to weeping sores, scaly skin and an unpleasant smell. You will find that some dogs are actually allergic to flea bites and … Continue reading “Fleas Flea Bites and Treatments”

The Three Common UK Beetles

The scientific name for beetles is Coleoptera and despite being quite rare in the UK (in contrast to ants, wasps, etc), they make up the world’s largest order of animals at 25%.  Beetles are characterised by their sheathed wings, or ‘armoured’ layer, that surrounds the delicate wings beneath. Many beetles in the UK are harmless and serve a beneficial purpose for … Continue reading “The Three Common UK Beetles”

Bed Bugs What They are and how to Dispose of Them

Imagine this… You’ve just woken up; something smells musty and sweet. When you open your eyes your bed has a trail of malted insect shells, rust coloured stains and tiny smears of excrement.   Bed bugs are one of nature’s most perfectly evolved human blood-sucking machines and if a couple of these get into your home, … Continue reading “Bed Bugs What They are and how to Dispose of Them”