Covid-19 Statement

Dear AMES customers. Following the announcement of the government enhancements surrounding COVID-19 on 23rd March 2020, AMES want to reassure you all that our service and operations will continue as normal.  In line with the announced enhancements, we have taken necessary steps to protect our employees and our customers, whilst maintaining our high level of … Continue reading “Covid-19 Statement”

Rat Diseases | Solutions to Rat Problems & Diseases

Rats are notorious for spreading a number of diseases, some of which can become deadly to humans. AMES Group specialises in the safe, fast and humane removal of rats to stop the spread of disease and keep your property clean and healthy. Rats and other rodents have adapted to our ways of living and when … Continue reading “Rat Diseases | Solutions to Rat Problems & Diseases”

Rats in Gardens | Prevention and Deterrent Methods for Gardens

Brown and black rats inhabit both domestic and commercial gardens, given the conditions are suited to their needs. They can cause several problems, from eating your garden vegetables and gnawing through wiring and electrics, to burrowing underground causing rat hills and even infiltrating your home. Rats are notorious carriers of deadly bacteria and disease, which … Continue reading “Rats in Gardens | Prevention and Deterrent Methods for Gardens”

Rat Droppings: Location, Identification and Removal

One of the most worrying pest-related suspicions a homeowner can have is that there may be a rat nesting somewhere in your home. Where one rat can be found, it is highly likely that there will be more, and if they are left to their own devices, you may find yourself overrun by an infestation. … Continue reading “Rat Droppings: Location, Identification and Removal”

Problem Birds: The Worst Bird Pests Identified and Ranked

Are birds pests? While birds wouldn’t necessarily be put in the same category as more obvious pests, such as rats, cockroaches and bed bugs, they can cause significant damage to property, especially in higher numbers – which makes them pests. Birds present several problems, such as noise pollution, flocking, nesting, excreting and crop damage. This … Continue reading “Problem Birds: The Worst Bird Pests Identified and Ranked”

The Difference Between Wasps Nests And Bees Swarms

The Queen wasp begins to build her nest in the spring. Sometimes adverse weather conditions and extended cold weather can delay many processes in nature. For example the wintry conditions and temperatures that have occurred well into spring 2013 have, we feel, delayed nature so many natural phenomena are running perhaps a month behind. The … Continue reading “The Difference Between Wasps Nests And Bees Swarms”

How Long Does a Wasp Nest Last?

Wasp Nests On Their Way When Spring is around the corner, our gardens have to face the arrival of several insects, the most common being wasps. Unlike bees, wasps are aggressive insects that can cause serious harm if they feel their nest is threatened. Wasps begin building their nests at the start of spring (mid-April … Continue reading “How Long Does a Wasp Nest Last?”

Pest Droppings Identification Guide

Finding pest droppings in your property is never a good sign. Not only are they unsightly, but they can signify a bigger problem: a pest infestation. Once you have discovered the droppings, the first thing you will want to do is identify what kind of droppings they are so that the correct measures can be … Continue reading “Pest Droppings Identification Guide”

War pigeons: an homage to war’s unsung heroes

War Pigeons: A Remarkable History Today, pigeons are kicked to the curb more often than not. They waddle around, annoyingly getting under our feet and inquisitively asking us for the leftovers from our lunch. However, despite society’s usually aggressive dismissal over them, pigeons once used to play a very important role on our planet. The … Continue reading “War pigeons: an homage to war’s unsung heroes”