Simple and Effective Commercial Pigeon Trapping

Our levels of service make us the ideal solution for reliable pigeon trapping in commercial spaces or large homes, with up to 70% of the pigeon population removed after our trapping is complete. We know how to trap a pigeon and reliably install the most effective cage traps in the best areas. You can take control of your bird situation in the smallest period of time thanks to our simple and reliable trapping skills.

Pigeons scared off bus shelter roof

Controlling pigeons can be difficult but we understand the best ways to make use of bait and appeal to a pigeon’s natural need for food sources. We can reliably place traps so pigeons enter the trap on their own, meaning they can then be humanely dispatched or removed. Pigeon trapping is a useful option when there are a large number of birds, as the results are instant and have a lasting effect.

Additional bird control products can be installed after trapping and removal, which can further control pest birds and prevent any future issues from occurring. If you are ready to start the removal process we will offer you a free consultation, with a full report and recommendations on the best approach. 

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How to Catch a Pigeon: Pigeon Trapping Techniques

Pigeons are clever and have a reliable form of behaviour, meaning that it is possible to take advantage of the patterns and habits of the birds and achieve a higher level of trapping. The first step is to conduct a site survey, which will help us to spot trapping areas and also gives us a chance to properly assess the full scale of your problem.

You will not be waiting long to see results from the trapping. By using specialised pre-baiting methods, using the best baits and distribution positions, we can strategically lure pigeons into a very small area.

Pigeons roosting on cable

If you are curious about how to trap pigeon, it usually works like this:

  1. The pigeon is attracted to food sources: Many urban pigeons depend on the food sources surrounding our town and city environments, but wood pigeons have this reliable behaviour too and will gather around the bait. This bait is both in and outside of the traps, so a pigeon will get used to the area and not trigger a flight response.
  2. The pigeon enters: After a period of time adjusting the pigeons will soon develop a curiosity to enter the traps. As they enter, the spring in the trap humanely seals them within the cage. We will then come and inspect the traps when enough time passes and monitor their population levels.
  3. Removing the pigeons: It is possible in some cases that it may be unnecessary to kill the pigeons. For example, a small problem with wood pigeons may mean releasing them elsewhere, perhaps after removal of their nests, is a viable option. In many cases, it is best to humanely euthanize them, as pigeons carry disease and cause health issues.

It is a relatively easy thing to manipulate the behaviour of a pigeon to create the ideal trapping conditions. However, we have the extra experience of our team for a professional approach that works in both homes and commercial settings. 

If you manage a large commercial space we can reliably place traps and access hard-to-reach areas where the pigeons are congregating. We can also provide a service for most UK houses and many larger residential buildings. 

Why Choose Us for Your Pigeon Trap Installation?

We maintain a reputation for quality across all of our pest control and bird control services. 

Our capable team has over 30 years of experience, with a reputation as a leading pest control company in the Midlands. A fully-trained and experienced team of engineers deliver high levels of service at every stage.

Apart from the excellent results we provide, we will offer the following:

  • A free site survey.
  • A free report, with recommendations for your particular situation.
  • Access to a highly efficient digital planning system, for the fastest speeds from our team.

Once pigeon trapping is complete we are confident you will be impressed with the outcome. Using our services leads to many positive reviews, so please feel free to browse our testimonials page for more detail on the quality we provide.

A very happy customer says the following about their experience with us:

“Following completion of all your works I thought it was time I shared my opinions regarding your overall performance. Both the site team and myself have had several conversations and were all in agreement that the professional attitude shown by your operatives during their time on site was refreshing. Their safety performance once the paperwork had been put in place was excellent, their communication with the site team very good and general approach to all the works that they have undertaken has been first class.”

S Lydall, Project Manager, Wates Living Space

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Fast and Effective Pigeon Trapping Solutions

If you have a commercial space or a large domestic bird problem, such as in a selection of flats, we may be able to help you with a simple pigeon trapping solution. We can also recommend additional or supplementary options for the most long-lasting solutions.

Our services are highly recommended across the Midlands of the UK and we offer the best outcomes. We pride ourselves on offering affordable and long-lasting results and are happy to help with any urgent enquiries. Please feel free to get in touch with us today about using our pigeon trapping and removal services.


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