Using pigeon netting is an effective way of controlling pigeons quickly and in a long-lasting way. Netting is useful on balconies and other outdoor spaces as a heavy-duty pigeon control option, and we can install anti-pigeon nets across a large range of urban and suburban buildings. We are the best solution for a fast and reliable pigeon netting installation that deters birds using the latest anti-bird systems and expert installation equipment.

Anti-pigeon netting

When you are trying to stop birds the most effective methods are those that balance costs with the results – and bird netting is a useful option for many situations. If you have a balcony pigeon netting can work well, and it is easy to use a fine mesh that will not ruin your view. A high-quality netting system can make use of netting kits in a variety of mesh sizes, depending on the type of bird you are trying to control.

Our highly-effective bird netting solutions are available at cost-effective prices and make use of the experience of our fully-trained team. We can provide a range of bird control options in addition to netting, such as bird spikes. The professional and friendly levels of service we provide will surpass your expectations, and we can install the best systems on balconies of many heights. Get a quote today.


You can use bird netting as an effective anti-bird device to stop pigeons perching or nesting on a balcony, roof space or other problem areas of a building where birds tend to congregate. We are experts in delivering a wide range of bird control and pest control options so can provide a bespoke plan for your situation.

Aside from a fast and effective result, the advantages of our pigeon netting protection systems include the following:

Pigeon against urban roofscape
  • Protects against a range of birds: Our netting works well against pigeons, but also seagulls and starlings too. If you live in an area where there are issues with multiple types of birds, such as coastal towns, you can install a multi-pronged protection system that keeps your outdoor space fully-protected all year round.
  • Practically invisible: You might be worried about the visual impact of pigeon netting on your balcony space, but the systems we install can use fine mesh netting to prevent birds from entering your balcony space, which is almost invisible. You will not lose out on natural light and will have an attractive and bright looking area that is completely free from pigeons.
  • Heavy-duty, weatherproof designs: The UK experiences a range of weather conditions and at height the conditions can deteriorate further. If you live in an area with a high-level balcony or that frequently has poor weather then you can relax in knowing that our team uses the best heavy-duty netting systems and can sturdily install your anti-bird solution.
  • Fast solutions for problem pigeons: One of the best things about pigeon netting is the speed of the result. Thanks to our levels of service, once the netting is installed the solution is complete and will work effectively for a long time. Unlike other solutions, which rely on changing the behaviour of birds or harming them, this is an instant option for bird prevention.
  • Professional options for professional results: If you have a company or office setting that requires help then we can provide a solution. Our expert team is trained to work at height and can install netting vertically, horizontally or diagonally – meaning we can provide a professional-grade solution in almost any space. All netting systems are of the best standards.

We use the best products, the best techniques and achieve the best results. Our team can suggest additions or alterations, depending on your individual needs, for a more versatile solution. The team can also offer advice for a wide range of preventative bird control solutions to stop problems from occurring in the future.


Choosing us gives you access to a company that leads the pigeon control sector and has been an active community member since founding in 1990. We have a strong reputation for quality, ability and our high levels of service. After choosing our services you will receive the following benefits:

  • Free site surveys.
  • Free reports, with recommendations.
  • Feedback and ongoing care or maintenance.
  • An efficient digital planning and installation service, which helps reduce costs.
  • Fast installation services and quick access to technicians.

We have many accreditation and association memberships that demonstrate our position as a leading company at the very top of their field. We have been part of the NPTA, a premier professional membership association in the UK, since 2011. Our Safecontractor status puts us in league with more than 140 major clients, almost 18,000 contractor members and demonstrates our commitment to safety.

Our team makes use of Constructionline, for access to pre-qualified contractors and consultants. Constructionline is extremely efficient for commercial clients and reliably delivers for public and private sector organisations. We also maintain a commitment to the environment and work to provide sustainable solutions in all of our work, such as waste handling and equipment disposal.

Pest control fleet

There is no need to take our word for it, our services lead us to many extremely positive reviews. Check out our reviews page for more detail. One especially happy customer says the following about their experience with us:

“AMES provide our pest control and bird control. AMES give us 12 monthly visits each year, this means that we don’t have emergency call outs as rodents are kept at bay. The bait boxes are checked every month and replenished. And so far in the four years I have worked here we have never had a problem with rodents. AMES give a good quality of service. No job that AMES have undertaken on site has had to be rectified. All jobs are undertaken to a high standard, leaving customer satisfaction.”

Lesley Wager, Facilities Manager, Dougland Support Services, One Stop Shopping Centre, Perry Barr, Birmingham, West Midlands.

We also have plenty of excellent reviews on leading independent trade sites so please feel free to view them for further evidence of our stellar levels of service.


You can enjoy your balcony and outdoor space immediately by choosing us as your pigeon netting installer. Our professional team will provide anti-pigeon netting and other systems for total control of your bird problems.

We provide the best systems and reliably deliver our services around the midlands. We have an excellent reputation for effective results. Please get in touch with us today for a free quote on your pigeon netting solution.


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