Pigeon Pest Control Services 

Whether you require pigeons removed from industrial warehouses, commercial buildings, outdoor public spaces (cafes, restaurants, bars) or even solar panels, AMES Group can help. Our pest control experts have over 30 years’ experience in the pigeon pest control industry and employ fast, effective and humane methods for the removal of pigeons. 

Our pigeon deterrent methods cover all pigeon types, from wood pigeons to feral pigeons. Our pigeon pest control services in the UK include:

Bird spikes for pigeons

bird spikes

Bird spikes provide fantastic protection and deterrence from pigeons and problem birds nesting or even perching in certain areas. Bird spikes come in strips and can be placed anywhere where pigeons nest or roost. The spikes are typically made from plastic but can also come in metal. The spikes are fitted to a flexible polycarbonate base that can bend around awkward corners, offering full, versatile protection across any rooftop or ledge. 

Bird spikes offer a swift, cost-effective and discreet solution for any property suffering with pigeon infestations.

Install bird spikes and pigeon-proof property

Pigeon cleaning services

Once you have put measures in place to deter pigeons from returning, AMES Group can provide a fully comprehensive cleaning service to restore your property. We specialise in cleaning soft stone and listed buildings without causing damage to the structure. We use pressured jetting combined with chemical cleaners to safely remove and clean all pigeon droppings, nesting materials,  and other associated mess. 

This service also extends to:

  • Gutters
  • Street furniture
  • Pavements
  • Communal areas
  • Facades
  • And all building exteriors

Pigeon bird netting

Bird netting can be used for multiple purposes, but is especially useful for guarding outdoor areas against pigeons nesting or causing a disturbance. Ideal for cafes, bars and essentially any commercial property, netting can be placed across any outdoor area. Our team can come and assess your property to fit the right size netting.

The netting itself is quick to install and offers a humane deterrent to stop pigeons and problems from disturbing outdoor areas. Netting is discrete and extremely durable, even in stormy weather. 

Can I install this myself?

Bird netting for pigeon pest control must be installed by a certified pest control technician at AMES Group. Ill-placement or the bird netting can be costly and will affect the netting’s durability and effectiveness. Fitted correctly, the netting is practically invisible, providing a subtle and professional look that does not negatively impact the aesthetics of your property. 

*All work carried out is in accordance with the working at height directive and all health and safety implications are considered carefully, with risk assessments and method statements provided where appropriate.

Alternative pigeon pest control methods

We also provide additional services for special cases. These include:

Pigeon trapping

A specialised pigeon pest control solution that traps and relocates pigeons away from your property. Carried out properly, this method can remove up to 70% of a pigeon population, which leads to the remainder of pigeons quickly following suit. We remove dominant birds (pigeons) from the community, leaving others confused and seeking new nesting parameters elsewhere. Traps are regularly checked by AMES professionals and all methods used are humane and discrete.

Controlled pigeon shoots

AMES Group also provides a controlled shooting service in certain scenarios. All AMES Group marksmen are fully trained to ensure high levels of success. All methods used adhere to the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act. Each pigeon is retrieved and discreetly removed from the site.

Pigeon egg and nest removal

If you’re suffering from a large pigeon infestation, AMES Group can provide egg and nest removal services which safely relocate populations away from your site. This form of removal stops adult pigeons from raising their babies on your property as they now know it’s not safe. By reducing the flock size, other pigeons should not choose this area to raise their young. In some cases, we can use hawks during our removal process to scare stubborn birds into fleeing.

How long does this method take?

We typically advise six treatments to effectively clear and relocate the majority of the pigeon flock. This can be done every week or month depending on the scale of the problem and your personal requirements.

How does it work?

On our first visits, we remove pigeon eggs and replace them with fake ones to prevent pigeons from laying any more. Once the population has been controlled this way, our technicians will then remove all nests and eggs on site.

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Locations Covered by AMES Group

We cover the whole of the UK and have specific pages dedicated to the following locations:

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