Bird Control in Walsall

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Our certified pest and bird control professionals are experienced in handling any bird-related problem in Walsall and the surrounding areas. AMES Group is one of the longest-serving pest control companies in the midlands, boasting over 30 years’ experience in bird control and providing cost-effective, swift and professional solutions to Walsall residents.

We cover the whole of Walsall, from Darlaston South to Pelsall and our emergency response team offers 24/7 bird control solutions. Whether you’re struggling with larger problem birds nesting disturbing your outdoor areas (such as cafes, restaurants and outdoor hospitality businesses) or maybe you’re looking to rid pigeons from your office or building in Blakenall we provide tailored solutions guaranteed to alleviate your bird problems.

From seagulls and pigeons to starlings and sparrows, we provide solutions to any bird-related problem.

Our Bird Control Services in Walsall

We provide a range of services tailored to your specific bird problem. If you’re struggling to rid pigeons from your rooftops or nesting on the underside of your property, you may require bird spike installation.

If birds are swarming and deterring customers from enjoying a coffee at your cafe in Highgate we can offer alternative bird control methods (such as population control) to remove the birds in a human manner and stop them from returning.

We provide the following bird control services in Walsall:

  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Scarers
  • Netting
  • Hawking (birds of prey are brought in)
  • Alternative Bird Control

We can work around you to ensure our bird control methods fit into your daily schedule to ensure we do not disrupt your day-to-day life. All removal methods are humane and we can work at hours that suit you.

Additional Services Provided to Walsall Residents

Our pest control service extends across Walsall, we can reach you anytime, anywhere. We cover all areas from WS1 to WS6 as well as WS8 and WS9 postcodes.

  • 24/7 emergency pest control
  • Complete removal of any and all pests, of any shape or size
  • Post-removal hygiene cleanses
  • Comprehensive property surveys and aftercare services
  • 35 years of experience and BPCA certification

Birds May Encourage Other Pests

If bird problems are left untreated, they will begin to make more nests and encourage the presence of other birds. As this continues, the problem becomes harder to address and will end up costing you more than if you contacted a pest control service sooner.

The introduction of birds to your property may encourage other pests as they deem the environment safe to build nests. This risk is heightened if proper hygiene routines are not followed. For example, if your property is generally messy, bins are overspilling and general maintenance and upkeep is not taken care of, rats, mice, wasps and other pests may appear. Hygiene is one of the most important factors to address when considering pest control.

If this is the case, our team will perform a full site survey to identify what pests are present within the property and form a tailored plan to remove all present pests. This may take slightly longer than a routine bird removal but, our methods will not only remove the secondary pests but stop them from returning. We will also educate you on ways to help keep your pretty pest-free, saving you time, money and stress in the future.

Contact us today for unrivalled bird and pest control solutions in Walsall and restore your commercial property to its former glory.

Why is Bird Control Important in Walsall?

There are several reasons why you should keep on top of bird control in Walsall, we have explained the major considerations below:

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Droppings – arguably the most common problem birds present is their droppings. Bird droppings can permanently stain a number of materials, leading to your property looking dirty and unhygienic, it may even deter customers from entering (especially if you’re in the hospitality industry).

If left long enough, droppings may become difficult to remove using standard cleaning agents, which s]is where AMES Group can help.

Our bird control experts have the experience and technology to swiftly and effectively remove all droppings and stains (covered in more detail in our Cleaning Service section).

Blockages – bird feathers and droppings can cause severe blockages to drainways and gutters; left untreated, this can lead to flooding and burst pipes. Not only is this costly to repair, but bird feces harbour harmful bacteria that can cause serious respiratory issues in elderly residents. It is essential that you have your drainways cleaned regularly if you are aware you have a bird problem.

Allergies and diseases – as mentioned previously, birds carry a number of diseases that can be harmful to humans, one of which being fancier’s lung. This is why it is important to ensure birds are not left to nest outside and inside your property. The health and safety of your residents and/or employees is paramount, and we can ensure your building is pest-free to alleviate this concern.

Public disruption – gatherings of birds can become unsightly, especially in large numbers, as they leave mess and can disturb people in the busier areas (such as Cadmore).l

Our Specialist Bird Dropping Cleaning Service

After we have removed the problem birds from your property, it’s likely their droppings will have left stains. If this is the case, we provide a fast and extremely effective cleaning service that removes droppings and purges stubborn stains. If bird droppings are left for too long (especially pigeon droppings), they can leave irreparable damage to certain materials, including metals and soft stone.

We use a high pressure jet washer mixed with a combination of powerful chemicals to safely and effectively remove all droppings and stains from your property. The chemicals will not damage your property but please bear in mind that if the droppings have been there for some time, then you may require some minor painting to restore the previous colour.

For more information about our cleaning service and what we can do for your property, please call us today. Our staff will be able to talk you through the process in greater depth.

The Price for Bird Control Services in Walsall

You will be given a bespoke quote for your bird removal in Walsall. Our pest control technicians will assess your property and the extent of work required and return with a bespoke quote. In some cases, we are able to provide a direct quote over the phone or by email, as long as we understand the type of bird, what detterent is required, the size of the property and the extent of the problem.

For a fixed free quote for your property, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our pest and bird control team. If your enquiry is an emergency, please contact us here.

Contact Us for Bird Proofing and Control in Walsall

AMES Group works for a variety of industries that require bird proofing. From facilities management companies, site managers and cleaning companies in Walsall. We provide a range of flexible bird control services to help deter problem birds from your property.

Whatever your bird problem is, we have the solution. From bird spikes, netting kits and wires to hawk solutions, humane trapping measures and eggs and nest removal. Our bird control products are in accordance with NPTA guidelines, ensuring we only carry out humane bird control solutions.

From Palfrey to Brownhill, we provide unrivalled bird control services that save you time, money and stress. Get in touch with our team today to remove your birds and restore your property.