Bird Control in Telford

AMES Group provides a fully comprehensive pest control service to all customers based in the Telford area. From Hadely to Madeley. We are one of the longest-running pest control companies in the Midlands and offer a fully comprehensive bird control to rid birds from commercial properties.

Our bird control services cover everything from bird spike and netting installation to controlled egg and nest removal and guano cleaning. We cover any commercial property, whether you struggle with pigeon crowding and disrupting your cafe in Dawley Bank or require deep cleaning on a listed property like St Leonards Church, we have the experience and technology to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

From seagulls and pigeons to starlings and sparrows, we provide solutions to any bird-related problem.

Our Bird Control Services in Telford

Our bird control services in Telford are available for any customer struggling with problem birds. We operate emergency call-outs and can come equipped to handle the problem then and there. Many of our call-outs see us installing bird spikes inside the undersides of buildings to stop birds nesting and defecating on the properties. We have also installed bird netting across several cafes and outdoor areas to stop birds from disturbing social activities, including eating and drinking.

All bird control services in Telford are designed to remove the birds in a human manner and stop them from returning. We provide the following bird control services:

Each solution is tailored to you and your business requirements. All solutions are designed to be minimally-invasive and we will work to ensure we do not interfere with you or your businesses day-to-day activities.

Additional Services Provided to Telford Residents

We cover the whole of Telford and further into the Midlands. From TF1 to TF8 and beyond, our services are dedicated to helping you rid birds from your commercial property to ensure you can run your business safely and effectively.

  • 24/7 emergency pest control
  • Complete removal of any and all pests, of any shape or size
  • Post-removal hygiene cleanses
  • Comprehensive property surveys and aftercare services
  • 35 years of experience and BPCA certification

Remember: Birds May Encourage Other Pests

It’s not uncommon for our team to discover more than one pest at the disturbance site, especially if the root of the problems is hygiene. Rats often follow bird infestations in serious cases, but we can provide solutions that rid both. If rats are present, it is essential you contact our team as soon as possible, as they breed very quickly and can cause serious damage to your property and raise health risks.

If your property does not follow standard hygiene measures (closing bins, ensuring safe and efficient waste removal keeping on top of property maintenance etc), then the risk of introducing another pest heightens. Wasps, rats, birds and insects may appear and this becomes a more serious problem.

Ensure you and your staff are following standard health and safety guidelines to ensure your pest problem does not end up costing a small fortune.

Contact us today for unrivalled bird and pest control solutions in Telford and restore your commercial property to its former glory.

What Problems Can Bird Control Fix?

Bird control can solve a range of issues regarding your property, including:

Droppings – one of the most common problems birds cause is damaging properties with their excrement. Left for long periods of time, these droppings can permanently damage the building’s exterior and tarnish its appearance. Your commercial property should boast a positive reflection of your business and we can help restore it to its former glory through our cleaning service.

Blockages – when birds nest in properties, parts of their nest and their feathers can come loose and fall into pipelines, causing blockage. When left, these blockages can not only result in burst water mains, but can also cause health issues. Guano holds harmful bacterial properties that can cause serious respiratory issues in elderly residents. It is essential that you have your drainways cleaned regularly if you are aware you have a bird problem.

Allergies and diseases – birds carry a number of diseases that can be problematic for humans if they are inhaled or ingested, including fancier’s lung. It is essential that you remove any problem birds nesting in your property to ensure the safety of yourself and your staff.

Public disruption – the presence of birds can cause public disturbance, especially when they gather in numbers within built-up areas such as The Rock We can safely and effectively remove birds and place deterrent measures in place to ensure they do not return.

Our Specialist Bird Dropping Cleaning Service

We also offer a cleaning service across Telford for properties and public areas that have been tarnished by bird droppings. Our team will arrive onsite with the equipment to clean and restore the affected areas. This is done using a power house and a mixture of chemicals that safely and effectively restore the property to its former appearance.

If bird droppings are left for too long (especially pigeon droppings), they can leave irreparable damage to certain materials, including metals and soft stone.

For more information about our cleaning service and what we can do for your property, please call us today. Our staff will be able to talk you through the process in greater depth.

Contact Us for Bird Proofing and Control in Telford

Our team can tackle any bird-related problems, from problem pigeons causing public disruptions in the city centre to deep cleaning properties across the town. Our emergency call-outs mean we can reach you within 24 hours and provide solutions upon arrival.

Whatever your bird problem is, we have the solution. From bird spikes, netting kits and wires to hawk solutions, humane trapping measures and eggs and nest removal. All AMES Group bird control methods follow the guidelines set by NPTA to ensure we carry our humane and safe bird removal and deterrents.

From Dawley Bank to Ketley we provide fast and efficient bird control services that save you time, money and stress. For professional service, get in touch with AMES Group.