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Bird Control in Nottingham

AMES Group are one of the Midlands’ longest-serving pest control experts, with over 30 years’ experience in bird control in Nottingham.

Our certified and trained bird removal experts are experienced in handling any commercial bird-related problem, whether your cafe or restaurant in Clifton requires bird netting for outside dining or your office in Radford requires bird spikes or alternative deterrent methods, we have the experience and technology. Leaving your property untreated could result in costly restorative work in the future. Our service is fast, affordable and professional.

From seagulls and pigeons to starlings and sparrows, we provide solutions to any bird-related problem.

Our Bird Control Services in Nottingham

Different birds require different deterrent methods, for example bird netting is an effective deterrent to stop seagulls from disturbing outdoor cafes and restaurant dining. However, if pigeons are nesting on your outer walls of your commercial property, bird spikes would be the preferred deterrent method.

We can tailor our deterrent methods to suit both the type of bird you’re struggling with and the property the different needs to be applied to.

We provide the following bird control services in Nottingham:

We also provide the following extended services to Nottingham residents who live and work in the NG1 to NG16 as well as NG80 and NG90 postcodes.

  • 24/7 emergency pest control
  • Complete removal of any and all pests, of any shape or size
  • Post-removal hygiene cleanses
  • Comprehensive property surveys and aftercare services
  • 35 years of experience and BPCA certification

You may find that your bird problem also introduces new pests to your property or affected area. If this is the case, we can tailor our pest control solutions to ensure safe and humane removal of all pests. For example, if your property suffers from hygiene problems (caused by overspilling bins, poorly-disposed waste or degrading buildings) this could attract rats as well as birds.

Our fully comprehensive pest control service is able to handle both pest problems and ensure complete removal to allow your business to prosper without the threat of returning pests.

Contact us today for unrivalled bird control solutions in Nottingham and restore your commercial property to its former glory.

Why is Bird Control Important in Nottingham?

Ensuring your property is safe from the threat of birds is important for a number of reasons.

Droppings – one of the major problems that come with problem birds in Nottingham is their droppings, specifically pigeon droppings. If left uncleaned, these droppings can permanently stain certain materials, specifically soft stone and even certain metals. If the droppings have remained for some time, you may find that standard cleaning agents will not remove the stains. Fortunately, we are able to quickly and effectively remove all stains to restore your building to its previous condition.

Blockages – another problem you may be familiar with is clogged drainways caused by feces and bird feathers. Left unattended, this can cause several blockages which may lead to flooding and severe hazards over spilling onto roads, floors and inside buildings.

Allergies and diseases – pigeons in particular are also a source of allergens, and in some cases can trigger respiratory issues, such as fancier’s lung and allergic skin reactions. There is potential for illnesses to spread to humans through contact with pigeon droppings, parasites or feathers.

Public disruption – alongside the aforementioned problems, birds can become a public nuisance and cause additional damage when they gather in large numbers. Not only will they create more mess in greater numbers, but they become unsightly, potentially waring off customers and residents.

This is why we aim to offer a large range of services to keep your property bird free, whether by putting up netting or spikes, or taking further measures such as bird of prey pest control. With our selection, you can choose whichever method will work best for your location.

Our Specialist Bird Dropping Cleaning Service

When left untreated, bird droppings can chip away at paintwork and eat into softened stone, causing permanent damage to properties and a costly restoration investment.

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AMES Group provides an unrivalled specialist cleaning service specifically designed to remove bird droppings from properties in Nottingham. Our cleaning service begins once we have removed all problem birds from your property or commercial building in Nottingham. Our cleaning service works by using a high power jet washer combined with powerful chemicals to purge and dispose of droppings. This technique can be applied to any building as well as steps, roofs, balconies, period properties and any public area.

For more information about our cleaning service and what we can do for your property, please call us today. Our staff will be able to talk you through the process in greater depth.

The Price for Bird Control Services in Nottingham

Our prices are competitive at no expense of quality service. We work hard to ensure our services are priced fairly while providing residents of Nottingham with unrivalled bird removal and cleaning services.

For a fixed free quote for your property, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. If your enquiry is an emergency, please contact us here.

Contact Us for Bird Proofing and Control in Nottingham

Whether you’re looking to remove seagulls, pigeons or smaller problem birds from your property or require extensive deep cleaning for your commercial property, AMES Group is just a phone call away.

We provide emergency bird control solutions across Nottingham and provide 24/7 solutions to all residents from Clifton to Woodthorpe, we cover the whole of Nottingham and the surrounding areas.