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Bird Control in Hereford – Solutions to All Bird Problems

Birds cause a number of problems to commercial properties and AMES Group provide solutions. Our team has over 30 years’ experience in the bird proofing and control industry, providing a range of services to residents based in Hereford.

We specialise in everything from installing bird spikes and netting in commercial properties, to introducing bird controlling methods (including hawking) and deep cleaning services for all commercial properties (including heritage sites). Whether you’re in charge of maintaining a commercial office block in Rotherwas Ind Estate or you run a small independent cafe in Warham, we have bird proofing solutions for any requirement. If you are suffering with a range of bird-related issues, we can combine treatments to ensure safe and effective removal.

All bird control measures are designed to be humane and all are in accordance with NPTA guidelines.

Contact our team today for affordable bird control solutions and fast turnaround times. We operate anywhere within the Hereford area and are on-hand to offer our expert advice.

From seagulls and pigeons to starlings and sparrows, we provide solutions to any bird-related problem.

Our Bird Control Services in Hereford

AMES Group provides a number of bird-related services and deterrents to ensure your property is kept clean, safe and pest-free all year long. All commercial properties require bird-proofing to ensure they do not nest within your walls.

Cafes and restaurants may require spikes and netting to stop birds from disturbing customers and bigger commercial buildings may require deterrents to stop fouling and structural damage in tough-to-reach areas.

Take a look below our most popular services to see how we can help your bird problem in Hereford.

You may find that your bird problem has extended beyond the need for one solution. If this is the case, we can combine bird netting with spikes and other types of prevention methods to ensure birds do not return to your property.

Additionally, all bird control methods and deterrents are designed to work around you to ensure we do not disrupt your day-to-day lives.

Additional Services Provided to Hereford Residents

AMES Group covers the entire region of Hereford, extending services from Grafton to Holmer. We also offer services into the Midlands if required. Take a look at our additional services below and contact us if you require any of the below:

  • 24/7 emergency pest control services
  • Complete removal of any and all pests, of any shape or size
  • Post-removal hygiene cleanses
  • Comprehensive property surveys and aftercare services
  • 35 years of experience and BPCA certification

Remember; Birds May Encourage Other Pests

Struggling with a bird infestation is a problem in itself, but if it is left, then this may encourage other pests to follow suit. One of the biggest reasons why birds nest in public and commercial buildings is due to safety. If they are not relocated, more birds will flock here and other pests including rats, mice, wasps and other insects may quickly follow.

It is essential that bird problems are dealt with as soon as the problem is covered. Failure to do this will see your property fall into further disrepair, ending up in costly building repairs and jeopardising you and your staff’s health and safety.

Most importantly, however, id the general hygiene of your building., if standard hygiene measures are not in place, this will encourage pests to nest within your building, and these can not only cause serious structural damage but it may force you to close your operations until the pests have been removed.

Hygiene is critical in any industry and the introduction of pests may end up costing you more than just aesthetic restoration fees. Spot the pests and stop them, with AMES Group.

Call our team today before the problem escalates.

What Problems Can Bird Control Fix?

Bird control can solve a range of issues regarding your property, including:

Droppings – residents of Hereford would all agree that the most common bird-related problem they face is droppings. Not only can droppings ruin the appearance of your building, but they can wear away at the structural integrity. When left, they can chip away at soft stone and metals, causing permanent damage and costly repairs.

Our cleaning service is ideal for eliminating bird droppings and restoring your property to its former appearance.

Blockages – again, a very common problem for commercial properties. When birds nest in guttering and undersides of buildings, their nests and feathers find their ways into drainage and waterways, causing blockages that could impact the functionality of your water mains. Additionally, birds carry harmful bacteria, which, if it ends up in the water mains and is consumed by humans, it can cause serious health problems. If you discover blockages in your property, get in touch with AMES Group today so we can effectively remove and clean your drainways.

Allergies and diseases – birds and rats carry a number of dangerous diseases that when exposed to certain people, can be very dangerous (this includes fancier’s lung).

Public disruption – birds may not be causing damage to your property or putting your staff at risk, but they can become unsightly in large numbers. If this is the case, we can employ controlling measures that safely and humanely rid the birds from your property. This is especially effective in outdoor hospitality areas such as cafes and restaurants.

Our Specialist Bird Dropping Cleaning Service

Alongside our bird prevention solutions, we also offer optional cleaning services for commercial properties in Hereford. Bird droppings can severely affect the appearance of your property and our team are on-hand to provide deep cleans service that will restore your property to its former glory.

This is done using a combination of pressure jet washing and a mix of chemicals to effectively and safely remove dropping for your property. The chemicals we use will not damage your property; however bear in mind that if their droppings have been left for a while, they may have eroded parts of your building, meaning our pressure washers will remove the droppings and expose the chipped paintwork below. In most cases, this can be fixed using fillers and a new paint job.

Ensuring your property is kept clear from feces is important not only for aesthetics but for its structural integrity. Failing to do this may end up costing you a small fortune in repairs.

Contact Us for Bird Proofing and Control in Hereford

For a fully comprehensive bird control solution, AMES Group has the experience and technology to complete the job at the highest level. Ensuring your commercial property is free of birds and pests is essential for both the continued growth of your business and your staff’s safety. Do not wait until the problem has worsened before calling the experts.

We offer emergency call-outs and affordable rates in Hereford to ensure you benefit from our services. All AMES Group bird control methods follow the guidelines set by NPTA to ensure we carry our humane and safe bird removal and deterrents.

For emergency call-outs, routine surveys and bird deterrent installations, contact AMES Group today.