Bird Control in Birmingham

bird control birmingham

Here at AMES Group, we are proud to be able to offer the finest range of services for bird control in Birmingham and its surrounding areas. We are lucky to be based in this bustling city, and our customers who are also based here are fortunate in that they will be able to receive high quality, fast and efficient starling, seagull and pigeon control in Birmingham from us as soon as they need it. With decades of experience behind us, we have had time to practice and perfect our skills, as well as obtain the latest technology and equipment, in order to carry out the service our customers deserve.

No matter if you have a large flock of birds nesting somewhere on your property, or even if you are having problems with some feral pigeons, we will have the right method of treatment to get your property bird-free again. We are more than prepared for any type of home or business premises, including the extensive sectors of industry, commercial centres and shops, tourist spots and transport depots that help to give Birmingham the second largest metropolitan economy in the UK. Whatever you need from us, we will be able to get the job done swiftly and effectively.

If you are in need of bird control in Birmingham, whether to protect a shopping centre, industrial warehouse or train station, contact us today. Our staff are ready and waiting to help, whether you need answers to a question about our services, or for a team of fully trained and qualified professionals to come to your location. We can serve anywhere in Birmingham, from Great Barr, all the way through the City Centre, and all the way out to Stirchley and Bournville.

Our Most Common Services for Bird Control in Birmingham

Depending on whether you need starling, sparrow, seagull or pigeon control in Birmingham, there may be a number of different services, products or methods of bird control that will be best for your problem. As such, we aim to offer as many services for bird control in Birmingham as we can, helping our customers no matter what kind of feathered pest is troubling your property.

The most common services and control methods we use in the B postcode area include:

  • Bird Netting
  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Scarers
  • Hawking
  • Alternative Bird Control

We are also happy to be able to offer a wider range of services and extra features to our customers in Birmingham:

  • 24/7 emergency pest control
  • Complete removal of pests of all shapes and sizes, including birds
  • Post-hygiene cleansing, following treatment
  • Comprehensive property surveys and aftercare services
  • 35 years in the industry and BPCA certification

No matter what you need to take care of your bird problem in Birmingham, from netting to keep out pigeons to spikes to deter seagulls, we will have the correct solution for you. We know exactly what it will take to get any property we serve bird-free, so that you can have your space the way you expect it to be again. Call us today and we can arrange for our team to visit your site, where they will be able to decide on the best method of bird control in your case. Once this is done, they will also set up methods of prevention, so that you will not have to worry about being overwhelmed by large numbers of birds in the future.

To learn more about our methods of bird control in Birmingham, please call us today.

The Importance of Bird Control in Birmingham

bird control birmingham

There are a number of reasons it is important to have seagull, starling and pigeon control in Birmingham, ranging from the fact that bird droppings can eat into soft stone or block up drain pipes, leading to damage in buildings, to birds carrying a host of diseases and being a potential source of allergens. Birds can also be very disruptive to business and commerce, as well as often creating messes and destruction in public places. 

This can often lead to people avoiding certain outdoor areas, such as outdoor seating at restaurants and benches in outdoor shopping areas, as the mess and damage created by birds can often make it unpleasant or even impossible to comfortably sit there.

This is why we aim to offer the highest quality bird control and deterrent methods we can, allowing you to get the correct method to prevent birds from taking over and destroying your property.

Our Specialist Cleaning Service

As bird droppings can often damage soft stone, particularly on listed buildings, we can also help to clear these away as part of our services, once the birds have been removed from your property. This will involve using specialist, high-pressure jet washing and chemical cleaning, to remove all traces of starling, gull or pigeon droppings from your property’s floors, walls, and steps. Wherever there is evidence that birds have been there, we will be able to remove it, making it safe to walk or sit in that area again.

For more information about our cleaning service and how it can help you, please get in touch with us.

Bird Control in Birmingham and Prices

bird control birmingham

We rank among the top companies for bird control in Birmingham, and we want to ensure that our prices are kept as excellent as our pest control abilities. To do this, we keep our prices for all our bird control services as competitive as possible, helping our customers with their budgets, as well as clearing out their properties.

To learn more about our bird control in Birmingham and prices that we will match competitively for you, call us today. We can help you decide on the best course of action for your property, at a price that will suit your budget as you need it to.

Get in Touch for Bird Control in Birmingham

If you have been looking for a reliable and efficient professional pest control service to help you with bird control in Birmingham in the West Midlands, please get in touch with AMES Group today. We are Birmingham-based, so we will be able to send a team of trained technicians to you in no time at all. No matter if you are in Brown’s Green, Sparkhill or Selly Oak, our staff are ready and waiting to help you clean out and then bird-proof your property. With the wide range of solutions we have available, we are certain to have the treatment method your space needs.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact the moment you spot the issue with pests or birds that your property has; we can be there as soon as you need us, with the equipment it will take to solve your bird or pest problem.