Environmental Sustainability and Policies

At AMES we continually review our operational and business practices in terms of potential impact on the environment.  This is achieved through collaboration with service partners committed to the encouragement of sustainable practices, work within the local community and the deployment of new technologies, aimed at directing our business in an environmentally-sustainable manner.

Our pest control division carefully selects products and design methods and procedures which do not have adverse health effects. The services offered are also designed to have minimal impact, whether on your personnel, customers or your family, as well as non-target species and the overall environment.

AMES practices humane pest control methods. Many of the procedures adopted (e.g. in bird proofing), leave the species unharmed, by removing the pest from the area. Wherever possible we eradicate the source of the problem permanently rather than simply destroying the pest as a short-term measure.

Responsible Waste Handling

AMES is a licensed waste carrier which takes a responsible view of our environmental impact.

We actively encourage the commercial and domestic enterprise to deflect waste away from landfill wherever possible.

As void house clearance specialists, AMES has been campaigning at local and regional authority level to improve storage facilities so that unwanted, removed items can be distributed and reused effectively, either by charitable organisations or members of the public who genuinely need specific items.

AMES endorses initiatives which help people to pass on and recycle used household or office items rather than sending them to landfill. We also contribute furniture and household items we remove from premises to Ladywood Furniture Project in Birmingham – to support families who require assistance with furnishing their homes.

Effective Waste Disposal

A professional approach is taken to the removal of electrical items from properties, which includes used refrigerators that are responsibly degassed. 

The controlled removal of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) is carried out in accordance with Council regulation No 2037/2000. This removes CFCs and or HCFCs in the refrigerant cooling system or in insulation foam in the appropriate manner. The final destruction of ODS removed from older refrigerators occurs through a fully licensed hazardous waste treatment facility. Many newer fridges have been built without the inclusion of either CFCs or HCFCs.

We also operate a re-use and recycling policy with respect to the following items: seating and sofas, beds, white goods, dining tables, wall units, all other household furniture, garden furniture, toys, refrigerators, freezers, batteries, tyres, wood and glass. 

Some of these items are reused through the Sandwell Community Transport Project. An equally responsible approach is taken to cans, aluminium and other objects discovered when we carry out void or squat house clearance and cleaning, providing it is safe to do so.

Benefits to the Community

The revenues acquired by AMES through recycling items are reinvested back into the community through the contribution of skilled labour and materials on projects, which in turn benefits the wider community. 

AMES personnel have carried out a community garden project in Sandwell which has benefitted the area and the local environment.

Electrical Equipment Disposal

If you are a retailer or business which requires the responsible removal of electrical goods as a result of the WEEE directive, then please call us on 0121 443 1111 . 

Household fridges are taken to a refrigeration recycling plant where the redundant refrigeration equipment is processed with our third parties Refrigerator Recycling Machine. This machinery is licensed by the Environment Agency for the processing of fridges, freezers, fridge/freezers, commercial fridges etc. Our third-party refrigeration recycling plants are achieving extremely high rates of materials reuse.

Deflecting Garden Waste from Landfill

A high proportion of the waste carried by AMES is deflected away from landfill and is recycled or renewed. This includes organic garden clearance waste, which is converted into wood chippings for re-use.

Environmental Procedures – Setting You Apart 

Technology and the feasibility of items such as clinical waste recycling is continually assessed, evaluated and implemented as appropriate.  

Many of our clients gain real competitive edge by being able to state that their partnership with AMES results in their waste being dealt with responsibly and in an environmentally friendly manner.

AMES is a leader in environmental management practices, with strong ethical business values.